Saturday, February 09, 2013

Fortress of Solitude

The more I work with Samantha, the more I love her and her family!  She asked if I could make a Superman, Transformers, Airplanes or Iron Man themed birthday cake.  For her 5 year old daughter.  
That's my kind of girl!  

Right away I was thinking of making Superman's torso with a flowing cape out the back, but Sam mentioned that she always wanted to try making a Fortress of Solitude.  She never had the patience for it, but I knew I could give that to her.

I went with a simple vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream.  I decided to colour the icing red to be his cape, since I covered the board blue.  

A bunch of white chocolate shards make the ice crystals, and a fondant S make the Man of Steel evident.

I invited Sam up to watch me decorate and take photos in exchange for payment (free cake for her, and free professional pictures for me!

Sam couldn't have been happier with the cake, and I am so excited to have proper photos!

Fortress of Solitude: Jen Style!

Yes, my tongue is almost always sticking out like this.

Photos courtesy of Samantha Bauer Photography.


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